Tuesday, February 6, 2007

"I’ve had all I can stand. I can’t stands no more."

Popeye used to say "I’ve had all I can stand. I can’t stands no more."

I can't stand:
1. Ignorant violent Americans
2. Judging girls who aren't thin
3. The scary new "Sexpresso"

All of us reach boiling points where things must change.

So think about something that you just can’t stand anymore. Grab a mythical can of spinach and make the change once and for all.

After my rape...my eyes have been opened. I see the sources of violent behavior in this culture. One way to help educate our community about non-violence is to support Home Alive. PLEASE DONATE to this wonderful non-profit organization today.


#1 Ignorant Violent Americans. I found this video on Panagon. WTF!!! These people scare me!
Most people I know in America are not like this. Where do they get these people? Education and Truth can end violence. Let's spend this country's money on better educating people and stop funding ridiculous wars!

#2 Another thing in the news that makes my spinach boil! Bullying and degrading girls that aren't skinny or perfect by society's standards.

Teenage Boys Helpfully Point Out Fat Girl's Shortcomings | The Onion - America's Finest News Source

(a good friend just pointed out that it looks like I might think the Onion is serious...I know that it is a comical paper...but I think it does a good job of showing how ridiculous this behavior is from the other perspective) :-)

Not all women fit society's unrealistic views of what women should look like. People should be loved and appreciated for the unique beautiful humans they are. This mistreatment of women, men, and children is wrong. It is discrimination and it is a form of bullying.

Because sticks and stones can break your bones and words can also hurt you...see these sites.

Campaign for Real Beauty

Kids Against Bullying

No Name Calling

Bully Busters

#3 "Sexpresso" Using female bodies to sell coffee.
Paying young girls minimum wage to work half naked in lingerie to sell coffee is wrong!

I am disgusted about this. I will do whatever I can to educate people about this.

Seattle Times Article

At Cowgirls Expresso not only are they practically naked but the website has mooing cow sounds on it.

Can you get any closer to saying out loud that women are pieces of meat?!!!

As a rape victim that has recently joined the ranks of statistics of violence against women...I am angered by the weaving of the fabric of a rape culture that goes unchecked! I am saddened by the messages this sends about the worth of women.

I was talking with my mom yesterday about the ramifications and realities after rape...and we also were talking about the sex trade… and I was telling her what I have been learning about the sad truth of Human Trafficking and Slavery. I told her about girl in Seattle that is the cover story on the Seattle Weekly

My mom asked me, "Where do these people get the idea that they can treat people other people like that?"

I told her I know where they get the fucking idea! They get it from things like this half naked barista shit! They get the idea that women's bodies are for USING...that women's bodies are money, that women's bodies are Marketing, and that there is no need to respect women. They get the idea that they can dominate a sex to such an extent that they can make them take off their clothes at work. Where are the half naked men?

Really how often do you see a male silhouette like this?

You can buy the "Bud the Naked Trucker" bumper sticker at One Angry Girl.

REALLY? Would these places hire men? Would they hire me? Doubtful.
Is this equal opportunity employment?

If we sit silently by as the media paints this kind of crap as a novel human interest story and doesn't address the rampant degradation...we approve with our silence.

These shop owners are nothing but PIMPS! THIS MUST STOP!

No wonder we have a culture that is violent against women. No wonder I woke up to a man raping me. We are building a culture where women are toys not people.

This is inappropriate and should be illegal. It is wrong on so many levels. These girls that work in these places are young and impressionable...and have been conditioned by a society to believe that their value lies in there bodies alone...and they probably feel more worthy when nasty men drive up to buy their bodies. Don't they know they are working at a peep show? I feel sick.

What about the women customers? How do they feel? What about the children in the cars with the pervert father?

If there must be strippers and prostitutes...fine …keep it behind closed doors where you must know what you are getting into as a customer....
Don't allow drive by degradation for all suspecting and unsuspecting patrons!

What is next? I have to be have naked to work at a grocery store? You must think of the ramifications of this. You must think of the precedent!!
BOYCOTT these places!

Moka Girls

Cowgirls Espresso

The Sweet Spot Cafe

Natté Latté


Maria Cada Dia said...

Pues a mi nome parece que los americanos sean violentos.

Pam said...

As if HOOTERS isn't bad enough (where are the "Peckers" restaurants?? Hmm??)...now sex is selling COFFEE!?!?!


Our society is SO screwed up.

I'm linking this post over at my blog. Everyone should read this.

niCk (Mem Beth) said...

Yikes, that video is very scary.

They walk among us.

Sparky Duck said...

I can proudly say I have never been to hooters. But, the problem with the world is sex sells. And I must say I have been guilty of falling for the ploy, just not with my food thank you.

jkrell said...

hey chica- I think you'd find this book interesting...

Sornie said...

Speaking of judging, it reminded me of a story from a coworker about her son (a 2 year-old) who was busy making business in his diaper when a nearby mom pointed out what he was obviously doing and started laughing, of course five or six others followed suit while only one spoke up that laughing at hme pooping could do harm when it comes time to potty train him. A valid point that I hadn't thought of until then.

islandamazon said...

Tom Robbins wrote how there were three mantras, yum, yuck and yikes. I am full of yuck and yikes after this post! Pubic hair with your slavetradeaulait anyone? Definitley yuck. Almost as terrifying as this: http://www.cbc.ca/consumers/market/files/money/sexy/
reading your post made me want to mention lingerie for girls and this report is what I came up with. Our bodies and the bodies of our children slaves to the profit motive. I need to go be sick now.